Pre & Post Lash Extension Care

Increases Lash Retention

Foaming Lash Poo is a gentle, water-based shampoo that targets and wipes away natural oils, dirt, makeup and sweat residue that won’t affect the adhesive bond and increases lash retention.

Better Bond Adhesion

Mild, no-tears, oil-free formula is safe and gentle enough for daily use. Use in-between appointments and before new lash application for better bond adhesion. Purifies natural eyelashes to keep them healthy.

What You Get

The Wash Your Lash Kit includes an ultra-soft Bristle Lash Cleansing Brush and eye care routine essentials - Black Caviar Firming Eye Gels and Facial Cleansing Wipes with Aloe Vera for a brighter, healthier appearance.

More Than A False Lash Extension Cleanser Kit

The Wash Your Lash Kit makes that "wow" eyelift effect last as the water-based formula cleans away bacteria, keeps follicles debris-free and won't effect the adhesive bond so you get more wear for the money - it also purifies natural eyelashes maintaining their health. It contains eye brightening skin care essentials that reduce under eye circles and hydrates skin. Take this kit to your next lash extension appointment, pack it for a trip or use it at home in-between sessions. Safe for sensitive skin.

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This false lash extension cleanser kit extends wear and retention and helps keep natural eyelashes healthy and includes eye care essentials formulated to help minimize dark under eye circles and hydrates for a brighter, healthier looking appearance.